Update on Valour Terra (LUNA) SEK

Valour is the issuer of the securities Valour Terra (LUNA) SEK (ISIN: CH1114178804) which are admitted to trading at NGM. NGM has imposed a trading suspension in these securities since, as far as Valour is aware, the exchange made the assessment that there no longer were reasons to believe that an orderly functioning of the market could be expected regarding the securities in light of the developments concerning the underlying asset. One reason for a decision to suspend trading could, for example, be to prevent further investors from taking positions during the prevailing circumstances. Unfortunately, suspended trading also entails consequences for investors that have already taken positions. Suspended trading means that the market-maker, Mangold Fondkommission, and other market participants lack ability to conduct trading in the relevant securities.

Valour is in ongoing contacts with the exchange as well as the market-maker with a view to pursue a positive change in the current situation. This would however require that the assessment is made that an orderly functioning of the market for these securities can be expected. Valour does not currently have any possibility to provide any information for how long the trading suspension will last and/or if it will be followed by resumed trading or a decision to delist the securities.

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