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About Valour Investment Products

What is an ETP?

An Exchange Traded Product is listed security that tracks the price movements of an underlying security, index, or financial instrument. ETPs trade on exchanges in a similar way to stocks.

What ETPs does Valour offer?

Valour’s current product range includes:

What is Bitcoin Zero?

Bitcoin Zero is two exchange-traded products (ETPs) issued by Valour. Specifically, they are open-ended Bitcoin Tracker Certificates, listed on the Nordic Growth Market (NGM) stock exchange in Stockholm, Sweden, as their primary marketplace. Bitcoin Zero is available in two settlement currencies:

  • BTC ZERO SEK, in Swedish krona; ISIN: CH0585378661
  • BTC ZERO EUR, in euro; ISIN: CH0573883474

The Bitcoin Zero products track the performance of the price of Bitcoin (their underlying asset), adjusted for the exchange rate between the underlying asset currency (USD) and the settlement currency (SEK or EUR). Valour does not charge a management fee for Bitcoin Zero.

What is Bitcoin?

Created in 2009, Bitcoin is a digital currency that can be used as a form of electronic cash for digital payments, though people also buy it as an investment. Users can digitally transfer units of Bitcoin on a peer-to-peer basis without an intermediary. All transactions are stored on a public, decentralized ledger (blockchain), which is verified by a transaction script and a decentralized currency issuance algorithm. This process, referred to as "proof of work mining", secures the Bitcoin network, producing one new block every 10 minutes and issuing new bitcoin, up to a fixed maximum total of 21 million.

What is Ethereum Zero?

Ethereum Zero is an exchange-traded product (ETP) issued by Valour. Specifically, it is an open-ended ether (ETH) tracker certificate listed on the Nordic Growth Market (NGM) stock exchange in Stockholm, Sweden, as its primary marketplace.
Ethereum Zero is currently available in one settlement currency, Swedish krona:

  • NGM Ticker: ETH ZERO SEK; ISIN: CH1104954362

The Ethereum Zero product tracks the performance of the price of ether (ETH) (the underlying asset), adjusted for the exchange rate between the underlying asset currency (USD) and the settlement currency (SEK). Valour does not charge a management fee for Ethereum Zero.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum was launched in 2015 by a team including Vitalik Buterin. The Ethereum blockchain’s native asset, ether (ETH), is currently the world's second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, after Bitcoin. Ethereum is a decentralized, open-source blockchain with smart contract functionality. It enables smart contracts and Distributed Applications (DApps) to be built and run without any downtime, fraud, control, or interference from a third party. The largest current use cases for Ethereum are Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Non-Fungible tokens (NFTs) and Decentralized autonomous organisations (DAOs). Currently, Ethereum relies on the same underlying “proof of work mining” that secures the Bitcoin network but its developers are working to shift the network to a different algorithm, “proof of stake”, which they hope will consume less energy and be more secure. This upgrade is referred to as Ethereum 2.0 and started on Dec. 1, 2020.

About Valour

Who is the issuer?

Valour Inc. (Valour) is an Issuer of Exchange-Traded Products (ETPs) that enables retail and institutional investors to access investment in disruptive innovations, such as digital assets, in a simple and secure way. Incorporated in June 2019 in the Cayman Islands, the company is based in Zug, Switzerland.
Valour was founded by an acclaimed and pioneering team with decades of experience in both investment banking and emerging technologies: Johan Wattenström, who created and listed the world's first crypto ETP on Nasdaq Nordic, in 2015; Olivier Roussy Newton, the first to list a Crypto mining company - HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd. - on the Toronto Stock Exchange, in 2017; and Wouter Witvoet, Founder & CEO of SecFi, a stock option financing startup which raised $550M from Serengeti Asset Management earlier this year.
Valour (The Company) (NEO: DEFI) (GR: RMJR) (OTCQB: DEFTF) is a technology company bridging the gap between traditional capital markets and decentralized finance (DeFi). As the first and only publicly traded company focused solely on exchange-traded digital assets, it connects traditional financial markets with Web3 and DeFi by providing diversified exposure across the digital asset ecosystem through secure and regulatory-compliant products.Valour’s mission is to provide all investors with the opportunity to invest in decentralized finance products on regulated exchanges, enabling them to access this emerging asset class via exchange-traded products (ETPs). Valour’s aim is to offer these ETPs on exchanges all over the world, furthering its mission of expanding access to financial products that could provide financial freedom to small-dollar investors.
|The team is based in Switzerland, the UK, and Canada.

How can I partner with Valour?

Valour is open to partnerships, including helping others launch their own innovative financial products. If you are interested in learning more about working with Valour, please contact our team at

How to buy Valour Investment Products

How can I buy Valour ETPs?

Valour is an issuer of exchange-traded products (ETPs), which can be traded in the same way as ETFs or common shares. To buy Valour products, you need a trading account at a bank, online broker or other intermediary which has access to the exchanges where Valour’s products are listed. These include:

The products can be identified by your bank, broker, advisor, or in your online self-directed trading account, by searching any of the following. If you are considering buying a Valour investment product, please read carefully through the associated documentation to best understand the nature, risks, costs, and potential gains and losses, and to help you compare it with other products. This website and the materials herein are not investment advice nor a solicitation to purchase investment products. We encourage you to conduct your own due diligence and/or to consult with a financial advisor.

Where are Valour products listed?

Valour currently has products listed on Nordic Growth Market (NGM) in Sweden, Borse Frankfurt Zertifikate in Germany, and Euronext (Paris and Amsterdam). In future, Valour plans to list products on other exchanges, including regular stock exchanges and Multilateral Trading Facilities (MTFs). New listings will be announced via our mailing list.

What is the minimum amount that can be invested?

The minimum investment, or minimum trading lot, for Valour’s products, is one unit of the product. In the case of Valour ETPs, this means one certificate.
The minimum amount required to invest is therefore equal to the price of one certificate of the relevant Valour ETP. Please consult your bank, broker, financial advisor or online brokerage platform to confirm their applicable fees.

How is the value of the product determined?

The value of the ETP is based on a calculation of an arithmetic average of the last paid prices of the underlying asset on the three or four most liquid eligible cryptocurrency exchanges as determined by Valour. This value (reference price) is recalculated from USD to the settlement currency (SEK or EUR) before the multiplier is applied. The result constitutes the theoretical fair value of the product. See this Fair Value Calculation on our Investment Products page.

How are the products hedged?

Upon selling a unit or units of the ETP in the secondary (stock) market, Valour will immediately hedge its exposure by buying the equivalent amount of the underlying asset (or group of assets) on a 1:1 basis on the relevant digital asset exchange(s). By doing so, Valour is at all times 100% hedged. If a holder of the ETP sells his/her units back in the secondary (stock) market, Valour will itself sell the equivalent amount of the underlying asset (or group of assets) on the relevant exchange(s) to pay the investor the value of their holdings.

How does Valour protect the security of the underlying assets of the ETPs?

Digital assets are held in cold storage with industry-leading custodians. Valour has a number of measures in place to ensure the security of the underlying assets, including cryptographic security, offline protection, multiple private keys, and whitelisting of wallets.