Bitcoin Zero

Bitcoin Zero precisely tracks the price of BTC without charging management fees, making investment in the world’s best-known digital asset easier, more secure and more cost-effective than all other options.



Zero Fees

Zero fees

No management fees.



Traded on regulated exchanges and 100% hedged at all times.


Simple and reliable

Invest in Bitcoin in a similar way to ETFs and shares.



Clear, consistent link between price of BTC and Bitcoin Zero.

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Final Terms



Product Details

  • ISINCH0585378661
  • Listing Date03-Dec-2020
  • Base currencySEK
  • Underlying assetBitcoin (BTC/USD)
  • Leverage1:1
  • Expiry date Open-ended
  • IssuerValour Structured Products, Inc.
  • Management Fee0.0%
  • Market MakerMangold Fondkommission AB
  • Prospectus approved by Swedish FSA

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How to invest in Bitcoin Zero

  • Bitcoin Zero is an exchange-traded product (ETP). To be specific, it’s an Open-ended Tracker Certificate, listed on the Nordic Growth Market (NGM) Stock Exchange

  • In order to purchase Bitcoin Zero, you need an account with a bank, broker or financial advisor who has access to this exchange

  • Bitcoin Zero certificates provide exposure to the performance of the digital asset Bitcoin (in BTC/USD, its most liquid market) by mirroring its movements

  • Valour charges zero management fees for this product, hence the name Bitcoin Zero

  • Bitcoin Zero is available in two denominational currencies:

    • BITCOIN ZERO SEK in Swedish krona; product ISIN: CH0585378661

    • BITCOIN ZERO EUR in euro; product ISIN: CH0573883474

  • Purchase and trade Bitcoin Zero as you would any security, such as ETFs or shares, via your bank or brokerage account

  • As Bitcoin Zero certificates are denominated in either SEK or EUR, please note that there is an inherent foreign exchange exposure between SEK/EUR and USD which can impact the movements and value of the product

  • Please also note that while Valour charges no fees, there may be fees associated with purchasing or selling the products from your bank or broker

For more information, please refer to the relevant product documentation, available above.

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